A story for a future collection of sayings:

I heard once from another parishioner that Fr. Jim, the priest who chrismated me and received me into the Orthodox Church, was approached years ago by a Protestant couple who wanted to become Orthodox. (Note: the point of this story is not polemical.) They came to him and met with him over the next months for catechesis.

At their former church, they had been very involved: teaching Sunday school, planning potlucks, hosting Bible studies, that sort of thing. To them, this is what it meant to be good Christians. And, of course, all of these things can be good.

In any case, once they were finally chrismated, they came to Fr. Jim one day and asked, “Okay, Father, now that we’ve found the true Church and we’ve become Orthodox, what do we do?”

Somewhat confused by the question, he is said to have responded, “You live.”